A community catalyst to change, innovation, and progress

Welcome to the Battle River Innovation Centre

The Battle River Innovation Centre is the region’s go-to centre for business and employment services that are readily available and accessible to all within the region. The centres serve as an outreach and an access point to expertise in a concentrated effort; therefore, promoting employment and business opportunities.

If you’re looking for readily available resources and assistance for business and employment supports, or just looking for co-working space, the Battle River Innovation Centre is your local conduit. The trained staff can assist with identifying and providing access to existing local, provincial, and federal resources to assist you with all your business and employment needs.

The Battle River Innovation Centres work within an informal network of supportive organizations that are able to assist client groups with research, business planning, training, coaching, and the specialized skills required for those seeking business and employment supports. The centres’ focus is always on ensuring that clients’ needs are directly supported in the region.

About BRIC

The Battle River Innovation Centre (BRIC) intends to be a community catalyst to change, innovation, and progress. The intention of having these state-of-the-art facilities is to be able to offer the best of the best in terms of programming, services, and connectivity to the supports the community requires at the fingertips of the citizens.

These centres bring modern-day urban facilities and supports to the rural communities that demand the same. The centres will work towards a thriving community culture that caters to all the unique and specific needs of the region’s citizens.

The passionate staff are available to share a productive workspace, cultivate new skills, provide employment and business opportunities; so that the region, the communities, the businesses, and their respective citizens thrive and succeed professionally.